Let’s Ignite a movement.

We’re a bipartisan network of women and men united around a common purpose to advance policies that help women and their families. Our efforts focus on four core areas: (1) Health & Well-being (2) Employment & Earnings (3) Educational Opportunities and (4) Violence Prevention.

By joining our network, you will be alerted when legislative or policy proposals are introduced and, if necessary, asked to take action. Calls to action may include contacting your elected officials, writing letters to the editor of publications, attending meetings and hearings to show our strength in numbers, and helping spread relevant information through social media.

Ignite is a nonprofit social welfare organization 501(c)4 guided by an advisory committee made up of civic, business and elected leaders. Donations are used only to advance our message, raise awareness, educate the public on the state of women in Louisiana and advocate for positive social and policy changes. Ignite is a volunteer organization with no salaried employees. Donations are not tax deductible.

Ignite is the next phase of a social media campaign called #ItsNoJoke launched by State Representative Helena Moreno. The campaign was in response to a shameful ‘joke’ amendment proposed for a bill to fight human sex trafficking. #itsnojoke raised awareness on the deplorable statistics regarding the overall well-being of women in Louisiana. In a few short weeks, #itsnojoke engaged tens of thousands of supporters across the state eager for change. It became clear that a larger effort was needed to “ignite” these individuals into action. Only by working together can Louisiana turn into the shining example it should be.

Do it for your mother. Do it for your sister. Do it for your daughter. Do it for yourself. Do it for all of us.

Let’s go. #IgniteWithUs

"Lend us your spark, and we will ignite a brighter future for women in Louisiana."
- Helena Moreno