Legislation Alert: SB 231

Critically important domestic violence legislation, SB 231 is heading to the House on Wednesday, May 9th. With just one click, let all House members know that you urge them to protect victims of domestic violence.

Thank you,
Team Ignite


Subject: Support SB 231

I’m writing to urge you to please support life saving legislation for domestic violence victims. SB 231 mandates that a person convicted of domestic abuse battery or under a protective order for family violence must transfer their firearm. National police statistics show that 50 women are shot to death every month by a former or current partner. 54 percent of mass shooting incidents involved the killing of a partner or family member and research also shows abused women are 5 times more likely to be murdered by their abuser, if the abuser owns a firearm.

Ensuring an abuser no longer has possession of a firearm will save lives. 

Thank you for your consideration,