“Moms” Need Us!

The group Moms Demand Action Louisiana needs your help with key bills aimed at preventing gun violence. Sign up below to send the following letters to lawmakers:

Letter to Committee Members:

Judiciary B letter:

I’m writing to urge you to support SB 185 by Sen. Bishop that would allow for New Orleans to set its own firearm regulations. Gun violence is plaguing this community. The New Orleans Police Department works hard to enforce current firearm laws, but more is needed. Please let New Orleans decide the best way to protect its citizens.

Criminal Justice Committee Letter

I’m writing because I don’t believe easier access to firearms is the solution to ending gun violence in our State. I hope that you will stand with the growing number of citizens who feel this way. In the House Criminal Justice Committee, I ask to you to:
SUPPORT HB 736 to ban the sale of high capacity magazines and assault weapons with certain exceptions. 
OPPOSE HB 602 that allows for carrying concealed weapons in schools. 
OPPOSE HB 412 that allows for permitless concealed carry. 
I hope that you can vote to make it harder for firearms to get into the wrong hands. Take a stand and help end the violence.