ACTION ALERT: Help Protect Victims!

There are critical bills in the House Administration of Criminal Justice Committee Wednesday (4/11/18) to help victims of stalking and domestic violence.

With just one click, as the committee members to support the legislation.

Letter to Committee Members:

Subject: Please Support HB 776 & HB 81

I’m writing to urge you to support two important bills that will help protect victims of stalking and domestic violence, plus hold offenders accountable.

The first, HB 776, prohibits possession of a firearm for individuals convicted of stalking or under a protective order for stalking. According to the Department of Justice, 32,000 stalking victims are attacked with a firearm every year in the United States. This is common sense legislation.

The second, HB 81 increases penalties for domestic violence offenders in cases that involve strangulation and/or burning.

We ask you to please help protect victims who are suffering. Their safety should be a priority.

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